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From the Vine – Fall Armyworms

In recent days there have been widespread and numerous reports of fall armyworm infestations and damage to pastures across …

Steps to Health Introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Meghan Baker and I am the new Nutrition Educator in Duplin and Sampson County …

Doggy Bag Safety

I love doggy bags, don’t you? With the size of many restaurant portions these days, it’s only wise to …

The Basics of a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy balanced diet can help keep you trim and give you lots of energy. You want to …

Strawberry Pickin’ Is Upon Us

April has been such a beautiful month and has brought us some delicious, ruby red strawberries. I have seen …

Recent Publications related to Home & Family

Extension Programming Models

This publication illustrates the NC State Extension Model for Program Planning and Evaluation for proactive …

2 weeks ago

Mold Testing

This publication discusses the pros and cons of mold testing in a home.

2 weeks ago

Controlling Damage in Pesticide Storage Facilities on the Farm

This publication for farmers covers the guidelines to deal with pesticide storage facilities that may …

2 weeks agoDisaster Recovery
Pesticides on work clothing and protective gloves

Handling and Cleaning Up Damaged Pesticide Containers at Home

This publication offers guidelines if a recent storm results in water damage to pesticide containers …

3 weeks agoDisaster Recovery


This publication provides pictures and descriptions of snakes found in North Carolina.


Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund

Learn how to get the most out of your tax refund by developing a plan. …

8/22/19Smart Money Tips

Correct Potential Hazards Before a Disaster

During and right after a disaster, any household item that can move, fall, break, or …

Figure 1. A typical hot-water heating system.

Getting into Hot Water: A Practical Guide to Hot-Water Heating Systems

This publication provides the operator of a hot-water heating system with important basic information about …