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Controlling Carbs

Carbs are an important energy source, but it’s easy to consume too much, and many carbohydrate sources have little …

Med Instead of Meds

Did you know that two-thirds of chronic diseases can be prevented by lifestyle changes, specifically diet and exercise? This …

Before Bed - Smart Snacks

Sometimes, hunger strikes at night. You’re in the middle of a Netflix binge, and your stomach starts to rumble. …

Pork: The Other White Meat

I typically preach about consuming fruits and vegetables and the importance of incorporating other food groups around these nutrient-rich …

Older American Month

Continuing with the Celebration of Older American Month, I am going to spend my topic talking about Healthy Eating. Men …

From the Vine: Soil Testing

My wife is a baker and bakes many delicious cakes and pies. She makes a dried apple cake, chocolate …

Recent Publications related to Community

Basic hive equipment.

How to Become a Beekeeper in North Carolina

Beekeeping is a very enjoyable and rewarding pastime that is relatively inexpensive to get started. …

3 days ago
Pesticides on work clothing and protective gloves

Handling and Cleaning up Damaged Pesticide Containers at Home

This publication offers guidelines if a recent storm resulted in water damage to a pesticide …

5 days agoDisaster Recovery
Furniture piled in front of house after flood

Dealing With Snakes After a Storm

This publication offers tips to deal with snakes, both indoors and outdoors, during the recovery …

5 days agoDisaster Recovery
Gardeners work in a community garden.

Food Garden Design

This publication, chapter 4 of Collard Greens and Common Ground: A North Carolina Community Food …

5 days ago

Myths and Facts About the National Flood Insurance Program

This publication clears up misconceptions about federal flood insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program.

2 weeks agoDisaster Preparedness

National Flood Insurance Programs

This publication offers some information about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

2 weeks agoDisaster Preparedness

Should You Buy Flood Insurance?

This publication discusses the National Flood Insurance Program, as well as a flood insurance policies …

2 weeks agoDisaster Preparedness

Traveling Safely by Car in an Emergency

This publication offers a checklist of items to ensure your car is in working order …

2 weeks agoDisaster Preparedness