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Health & Nutrition

Extension offers a wealth of educational programs that help people make healthier, better-informed decisions and grow our economy. Programs cover a variety of areas from local foods and food safety to gardening and environmental efforts.

Doggy Bag Safety

I love doggy bags, don’t you? With the size of many restaurant portions these days, it’s only wise to …

The Basics of a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy balanced diet can help keep you trim and give you lots of energy. You want to …

Strawberry Pickin’ Is Upon Us

April has been such a beautiful month and has brought us some delicious, ruby red strawberries. I have seen …

Cooking Under Pressure

There are all sorts of kitchen gadgets and small appliances that are available on the market today. One of …

Vitamins & Vegetables

I want you to think about some common vitamins and minerals. Now think about foods or beverages that are …

Feed Your Body, Not Your Mood

Do you ever eat because you’re bored? Mad? Angry? Happy? This is what we call emotional eating, or you …

Journey to Health

Are you hoping to get in better health this year? With so much information out there, it can be …

Don’t Set Resolutions

Happy New Year! This time of year is always so refreshing. We set new goals for ourselves, focus on …

Pack Lunch Every Day

The other day my college roommate reached out and asked me to send her a salad recipe I always …

Recent Publications related to Health & Nutrition

Brief Instructions for Freezing Fruit

This publication covers best freezing practices for a variety of fruits.

1 week ago

Cleaning Flooded Upholstered Furniture, Curtains, Bedding, Table Linens and Other Household Textiles

This publication covers important information about cleaning household textiles after a flood.

6/13/19Disaster Recovery

Heat Stress Disorders

This publication offers safety tips and first aid procedures to prevent and treat heat stress …

6/13/19Disaster Recovery

Farm to Early Care and Education Local Food Purchasing Guide

There are many different ways to buy local food, and this guide provides information that …

5/23/19Local Foods

Your Baby and You, Months 7-9

This publication discusses healthy eating during your third trimester of pregnancy.

5/20/19Eating for Two

Your Baby and You, Months 1-3

This publication discusses healthy eating during your first trimester of pregnancy.

5/20/19Eating for Two

Your Baby and You, Months 4-6

This publication discusses healthy eating during your second trimester of pregnancy.

5/20/19Eating for Two

Active Aging: Making the Most Out of Life

This brief publication is intended to give you research-based information about positive possibilities for the …