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Commercial Horticulture, Nursery & Turf

Varroa Mites in Honeybees

Many still question, what is happening to the honeybee population? One issue that affects honeybee colonies is the Varroa …

From the Vine – Fall

September 22 is the autumnal equinox, which marks the first day of fall. Days begin to get shorter, crispness …

From the Vine

On Monday, March 20 at 6:28am, I awoke to the alarm that I had set for the first …

From the Vine

If you are like many homeowners in Sampson County, this undecided weather pattern has your lawn wondering if it …

Cover photo for From the Vine

From the Vine

A crime wave has hit the horticulture world! This dubious behavior usually occurs during mid to late winter and …

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Gemini (isoxaben + prodiamine)

This pesticide factsheet covers the use and characteristics of Gemini (isoxaben + prodiamine).

Devrinol (napropamide)

This pesticide factsheet covers the use and characteristics of Devrinol (napropamide).

Asparagus Crown Production

Producing asparagus crowns for sale or use is simple and profitable. Careful attention to details …

Cucurbit Downy Mildew

This factsheet covers downy mildew disease in cucurbits, including identification, transmission and disease management and …

Appendix F. History of Landscape Design

This Appendix from the Extension Gardener Handbook will explain a brief history of land development …

6 days ago

13. Propagation

This propagation chapter from the Extension Gardener Handbook explains how and why to grow new …

6 days ago

Water Requirements of North Carolina Turfgrasses

Water is an essential component for plant growth. In turfgrasses it comprises 75 to 90 …

6 days ago

Sureguard (flumioxazin)

This pesticide factsheet covers the use and characteristics of Sureguard (flumioxazin).