Farmers Continue to Feed America

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We can all certainly agree that these recent months have been very out of our “normal” and is a time period we will never forget. We have learned new terms like “Social Distancing”, “Flatten the Curve”, and “Shelter in Place”, and we have all echoed “Wash Your Hands” like never before.

This time of coronavirus (COVID-19) has also brought to the forefront more of what really matters in our lives. It has become a time when we are realizing who and what is most important to us. While this time has been filled with a lot of uncertainty, there is one thing that is certain – farmers across Sampson County and the whole United States are still working every single day to feed our world. The tractors are still moving, the crops are being planted, and the animals are being fed.

When millions of people flocked to our local grocery stores and cleaned out the shelves, those same shelves were soon replaced with more safe and affordable food. That food did not appear by chance; it took the hard work of farmers, and their hard work is often forgotten and taken for granted.

For me, this time of uncertainty has really shone a light on the fact that farmers provide an essential supply for us that we cannot live without. Despite the current unrest in America and in other countries, we can depend on our farmers; they always get the job done.

Eventually, things with slow back down and be closer to what we would call “normal”. When it does, let’s do our best to remember the importance of farming, the dedication of our farmers, and let’s remember to thank them three times a day.

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Max Knowles, N.C. Cooperative ExtensionMax KnowlesExtension Agent, Agriculture - Livestock Call Max Email Max N.C. Cooperative Extension, Sampson County Center
Posted on Mar 30, 2020
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