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Better Food, Better Health

The Better Food, Better Health: SNAP-Ed program is a nutrition education program modeled after the Steps to Health program with a goal of assisting those eligible for food assistance to eat smart and move more. The program provides nutrition education to Latino audiences to help participants (parents and their children included) to make healthy choices within a limited budget and choose physically active lifestyles consistent with the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate.

Better Food, Better Health a bi-lingual program for SNAP-recipient Latino audiences with an emphasis on nutrition and food resource management education. This interactive program is designed to educate and facilitate behavioral change in the participants by engaging all the senses. Sessions include lecture, discussion, games, worksheets, cooking demonstrations, and taste tests. Handouts (Spanish/bi-lingual) will augment session content. In addition, educational extenders will be used to reinforce the key educational messages.

The educational content utilizes culturally adapted recipes and other resources to demonstrate how to increase daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. Importantly, this includes an emphasis on food preparation methods that minimize added sodium, fats, and sugars. Given that overweight and obesity are prevalent in the Hispanic population; educational messages will be designed to heighten participants’ awareness of the issues of overweight and obesity in their community and the effects on health.

Who is eligible?
Participants in the Better Food, Better Health program must be eligible for the Food and Nutrition Services program (FNS), formerly known as food stamps.

How is the program delivered?
The program is delivered by an Extension Agent and translated onsite by a Spanish-speaking co-facilitator. This facilitator will work with and under the agent’s guidance/supervision to deliver the program. Both the agent and facilitator will receive program training.

Participants are allowed to bring their children to the training with them. Parents will receive nutrition education related to adults and youth will receive training designed  for young people.

If you are interested in this program, please contact Sydney Johnson, FCS Agent at or Janetta Matthews, SNAP-Ed Educator, at