Reduce Food Waste During the Stay at Home Order

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During the Stay at Home Order in North Carolina, many of us are trying to limit our trips out to the grocery store. These tips below and information provided by the food safety team at NC State University will help you make the most of your groceries and maybe even save some dollars.

Tips to Reduce Food Waste

  • Make a plan and buy only what you need.
    • Before you go to the grocery store look through your refrigerator and pantry to see what items you have. Decide what meals you want to make in the next week or two and make a list of the items you don’t have on hand.
  • Store your produce and other foods properly.
    • Check out the Food Storage Quick Guide on how to store fruits, vegetables, meats, and other items to ensure their safety and quality.
  • Freeze, dry, and can.
    • Save leftovers for a later date and freeze, dry, or can fruits and vegetables that you know you will not be eaten on time. See the “Avoiding Food Waste” handout to learn more about tested recipes and proper equipment to avoid illness when canning, drying, and even freezing foods.
  • Visit NC State Extension’s Home & Backyard Composing website or contact our local horticulture agent to learn more about composting and how it can be made possible at your home.

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