Sampson County and the Visit NC Farms App

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Have a passion for agriculture, or just a desire to get away from the office and enjoy the countryside? Maybe it’s time to relax and enjoy a weekend in the woods, do some fishing or just read a book on the porch and retreat to nature. Whatever your need, if it involves relaxation and a chance to unwind and enjoy the simple treasures of life, you may want to check out the Visit NC Farms App to find your desired destination.

The Visit NC Farms App is an amazing new tool to connect anyone searching for a relaxing destination, find locally grown products, or a fun-filled day for the family learning all about where our food comes from! The App, established by the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in 2017 has grown to include fourteen counties, with more coming on board all the time. The App provides a very simple, mobile and user-friendly way to find local destinations to shop, visit, relax, eat, learn, and enjoy what makes North Carolina a great place to be!

Would you like to see Sampson County on the App? Many of us certainly appreciate agriculture in Sampson, but are we doing the best job at educating those that may pass through this rich, fertile land without the knowledge and passion that we share? With Sampson being right on the path from the capital to the coast, we have a tremendous opportunity to promote our agricultural treasures with travelers from all directions.

Check out the Visit NC Farms App on your mobile device, or through the website. If you want to see Sampson on the App, you can vote for Sampson as the next county! If you have a farming operation, roadside stand or business, you can be listed on the App once Sampson is represented. For more information on how to get involved in this great opportunity for Sampson County, contact the Sampson County Convention Center and Visitor’s Bureau at 910-592-2557, or N.C. Cooperative Extension, Sampson County Center at 910-592-7161.