Why It Is Important to Eat Breakfast

— Written By Lethia Lee and last updated by Patricia Burch

Most important is you get energy. Your body and brain need energy to function. Breakfast will provide you with energy in the form of calories to carry out your morning activities. Breakfast will boost your metabolism. Eating breakfast will kick-start your metabolism while skipping meals can cause your metabolism to drop.

Eating breakfast can also prevent binging something I know we are all familiar with. Eating breakfast will help you control your hunger starting first thing in the morning. The better controlled your hunger, the less likely you are to be starving around lunchtime and wanting to eat anything and everything in sight. Eating breakfast will refuel you, your body needs a constant supply of energy to function efficiently and burn fat. It’s important to fill up your energy stores regularly with meals, especially in the morning after fasting overnight while sleeping. Come on and break the fast by eating breakfast.

Eating breakfast also gives you nutrients. You are more likely to get the daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals (calcium, iron, etc.) if you eat breakfast instead of skipping it.

A lot of people tell me the reason they don’t eat breakfast is that they are not hungry in the morning or don’t have time for breakfast. If this sounds like you, start with something simple like a banana. Pretty soon, you’ll probably notice you start to feel hungry without it. It is very important not to skip meals to include breakfast. If you skip meals or wait too long to eat, you’re likely to reach the point where anything and everything sounds good. When you’re extremely hungry, it becomes hard to make healthy choices and use portion control.

We make all kinds of excuses or justifications for overeating. Some of which all of us are familiar with. “But it’s low fat” ( is low-fat food good for you?). “I have to get my money’s worth,”  “I’m on vacation,” “ I don’t want the food to go to waste,” “I don’t want to hurt his/ her the cooks or bakers) feelings,” “There are starving children in Africa,” “I had a rough week. I deserve it,” “My friends ( or family are in town.” Any of these sound like you? If so, let’s get rid of them today.

Remember: “No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change.”~ Bill Phillips