Animal Waste Operator Year-End Reminders

— Written By and last updated by Patricia Burch

As the end of the year approaches, it is important for Certified Animal Waste Operators (CAWO) to make sure certain requirements have been met. Here are a few friendly reminders.

CAWOs are required to pay an annual $10 certification renewal fee. Operators should have received an invoice in the mail from the Water Pollution Systems Operators Certification Commission (WPSOCC). If you have not received an invoice or are not sure about your payment, you can check and pay online. You will need to enter your certification number.

CAWOs must receive six hours of continuing education credits (CEC) every three years. Failure to do so will result in having to retake the initial certification class and exam. To find out if you need continuing education credits, you can call the Operators Certification Program for the Division of Water Resources (DWR) at (919) 807-6353. Or, feel free to call the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Sampson County office at (910) 592-7161. Ask for Max Knowles, and I will help you find out if and when you need credit hours to retain your certification. There are still a few opportunities to receive continuing education credits this year; however, most of these programs require preregistration. So, be sure to check your status as soon as possible.

As always, feel free to call me at (910) 592-7161 with any Animal Waste Operator questions.