How to Enjoy Exercise and Healthy Eating

— Written By Lethia Lee and last updated by Patricia Burch

Are you annoyed by people who seem to enjoy exercise? What about people who eat healthy with little effort? Why is it so easy for them and such a struggle for you? One simple reason could be time.

The longer you follow healthy behaviors, the easier they become and the best part is, you actually start to enjoy them. Your first step in getting to that happy place is to change your attitude.

The Party Isn’t Over
What does a healthy lifestyle look like? For some people, it looks like a lifestyle without any kind of fun. You have to slog through boring workouts, avoid going out to restaurants and eat twigs and berries. What kind of fun is that? At first, it may look like you have to give up everything to lose weight, but what you gain from these changes is much more meaningful and satisfying. Not only will your body change, but your mind will change as well.

What to Enjoy About Healthy Eating
Here’s what will happen if you keep maintaining that healthy diet:  Your priorities change. The way your body feels after a healthy meal will become more important to you than the instant pleasure of having something loaded with fat and sugar. You’ll enjoy healthy food. You can live without chips and cokes and you’ll gladly give those things up once you experience how your body feels after healthier meals.

You’ll still enjoy your favorite foods. The difference is frequency. Now, instead of having it several times a week, you might indulge once or twice a month. By not indulging every time you want a treat, you’ll savor it even more.

You’ll see food in a different light. Food becomes fuel rather than something that controls your life. If you exercise, you’ll learn very quickly how food affects your workouts. Eating a heavy, fatty meal makes you tired and your workouts suffer. Soon, you’ll want better workouts which motivate you to eat better.

You’ll become more adventurous. Eating healthy often opens the door to more options than you usually give yourself. You’ll try new vegetables and grains and experiment with herbs and flavors you’ve never tried.