Join the Sampson County Friends of Horticulture

— Written By and last updated by Patricia Burch

Did your lawn or garden remain the same, decline, or improve in 2017? Would you like your landscape to be more attractive, or your garden to be more productive in 2018? If so, you may want to join the Sampson County Friends of Horticulture, a growing program offered by the Sampson County Cooperative Extension Service.

Over 100 people joined the Sampson County Friends of Horticulture in 2017, seeking ways to improve their landscape, lawns, and gardens. During the fruit tree management class, members learned how to select the proper site and variety of fruit tree to plant in our area. They learned how to plant the trees and maintain them with a pest strategy to help them grow large, delicious fruit while keeping pests at bay.

During the lawn management class, members learned how to control weeds and pests in their lawns. They also learned how to take soil samples and fertilize according the lawns needs. In April, the Friends of Horticulture learned how to control and manage fire ants in their yards. They learned what control methods were most effective and how to apply them. Other classes covered topics such as pecan trees, raised bed gardening, soils, bees, and ridding your yard of those pesky moles and voles.

Most of the participants in the Friends of Horticulture said that these classes helped them improve their lawns and landscapes. They said that the information was very detailed and informative, and they enjoyed the demonstrations and hands-on parts of the learning experience.

The 2018 Friends of Horticulture schedule is as follows:
Feb. 15 – Grapes and grapevine pruning
March 15 – Pre-emergent lawn treatment for weeds
April 19 – Vegetable gardening
May 17 – Japanese Beetles
June 21 – Plant propagation
July 19 – Herbs
August 16 – Pecan weevils and webworms
September 20 – Strawberries for the home garden
October 18 – Houseplants

If any or all of these topics have peaked your interest, you should consider joining the Sampson County Friends of Horticulture. We meet at the Sampson County Livestock Arena, 93 Agriculture Place, Clinton NC at 6 p.m. Classes usually run between 1 – 1.5 hours. The cost is $20 for a one year membership. Checks should be made out to “The County of Sampson” and mailed to the Sampson Extension Center, 55 Agriculture Place, Clinton NC 28328. Please have checks in by Jan. 15, 2018.

If you have further questions, contact the Sampson Extension Center at (910) 592-7161.