A Special Rose Bush

— Written By and last updated by Patricia Burch

As I was walking to my car last Wednesday morning, I noticed that a single bloom had opened on a rose bush under my carport. A quick thought ran through my mind that this crazy weather has that rose bush so confused that it doesn’t know if it is winter or spring.

As I traveled to work, my mind wandered back to that rose. Now, this isn’t just any rose bush; my mother propagated it from a cutting and placed it next to the carport over 40 years ago. As a young boy, I tried everything in my power to destroy it. I ran over it on my bicycle, used the blooms for batting practice, tried to cut it down with a bush axe, and countless other ways I can’t remember; the whipping I received over my shenanigans must not have been bad enough.

When I moved back to the home place in 2010 we torn down the old carport and replaced it with a much longer and wider model. The rose bush was then confined to live in the shade and with little rain water. I wanted to pull it up and pour a concrete pad under the shelter, but found it held too much sentimental value. I considered moving it to the yard, but there are three busy boys at my house between the ages of 6-8 that would love to continue to torment the bush.

No matter how bad the rose bush was mistreated, beat down, run-over, or had to do without — it persevered. Not only has it persevered, but it is determined to let its’ inner beauty shine, even if it is unsure of what the future may hold. Every opportunity the rose was given for sunlight, rainwater and fertilization to grow strong roots, or blossom, it took advantage of it and made the best of its’ current situation.

As 2016 has comes to an end, I’m going to take the lessons learned from this rose and apply it to my life. I will persevere through the challenges, beat downs, and storms that may arise in 2017. I’ll take advantage of all the positive opportunities that appear, and not waste my time worrying about tomorrow. I am determined to focus my energy on letting my inner beauty shine through, to inspire or brighten someone’s day. I hope that you can take these lessons and apply it to your life in 2017 and just maybe, we can all make Sampson County a better place.

If you are interested in taking horticultural related classes, the Sampson Extension Service will be renewing its popular Friends of Horticulture program in 2017. Instructional classes will be held monthly, and will begin on Thursday, February 16 at 6 p.m. at the Sampson County Extension Center Livestock Facility, 93 Agriculture Place, Clinton NC 28328. Registration is $5 per class.

This program is geared toward Sampson County residents with horticulture interests, and will offer monthly topics such as fruit tree production, lawn/turf management, fire ant control, small fruit production, pecan production, soil testing, tool maintenance, ornamentals, raised bed gardening, pruning, vegetable gardening, and other horticulture related topics. For more information, visit the Sampson County Extension website at https://sampson.ces.ncsu.edu/ or call (910) 592-7161.