Share the Road With Your Neighbors

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Agriculture is the largest industry for Sampson County. With that said, there is no magic path to connect farmers to their fields without being on the highway. Just like other motorist, farmers are legally entitled to travel the highway with their slow moving farm equipment. Statistics from the NC Department of Labor report 51 percent of all farm equipment related accidents result in injury or death.

Farmers move equipment from field to field as needed to complete their work. Today, we live in a very demanding and impatient society with many distractions. It is always in everyone’s best interests for all that are traveling the roadways, to share the road and be cautious during your travels. Farm equipment moves much slower than automobiles and can’t react as quickly either.

Most farm equipment operators will use hand signals while traveling on roadways to alert drivers of their actions. It is illegal and dangerous to pass not only farm equipment, but other motorists as well in no passing zones.

I personally have recently witnessed a semi truck passing farm equipment that was trying to make a left hand turn and on top of all this it was in a no passing zone. Fortunately, the farm equipment operator was paying close attention and braked from making a left hand turn while the semi truck was passing him. Inevitably, good judgment of the farm equipment operator prevented an almost misfortune.

The take home message is that we all use roadways everyday during our travels. We all need to focus on the task at hand, which is driving as safe as possible and sharing the roadway with others.