Animal Waste Operators Year End Reminders

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As the end of the year fast approaches, I would like to take this opportunity to extend some friendly reminders to our county pig producers. If you are a swine farmer that has an Animal Waste Operator Certification, please be reminded to send in your ten-dollar annual fee. This ten-dollar fee is a requirement each year in order to keep your Animal Waste Operators Certification valid and can easily be forgotten.

Also, as a Certified Animal Waste Operator you must receive six hours of continuing education every three years that’s approved by the Division of Water Resources. Failure to obtain these credit hours will result in you having to retake the initial certification class and exam. To find out if you need Animal Waste Applicator continuing education credit hours you can call the Division of Water Resources (DWR) (919-807-6353) formerly known as the Division of Water Quality (DWQ), or feel free to contact Sampson County Cooperative Extension (910-592-7161). Just ask for Max Knowles and I will be happy to assist you in finding out if you need credit hours as well as the deadline by which you must receive them.

There are still opportunities to receive continuing education credit hours before the end of 2014. Sampson County Cooperative Extension will be hosting a six-hour animal waste applicator class on November 5 of this year from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. This is an opportunity for farmers to receive all the needed credit hours for their three-year period. You must pre-register for this class, so be sure to check your credit hour status as soon as possible. You can register to attend the Animal Waste Applicator class to be held at 93 Agriculture Place Clinton, NC 28328 (in Livestock Facility) by calling (910)-592-7161. Also, to see a full list of DWR approved classes offering animal waste credit hours go to: